This website has been created to allow people to learn more about Jordyn and the condition(s) that she is living with....Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.. as well as to update on any information about her health and any upcoming events..

Jordyn's Journey cause was created shortly after "Jordyn's Walk" walk-a-thon fundraiser in November 2011. Following the fundraiser Jordyn's community and beyond continued to reach out to her by sending monitory donations, sharing her story with others, spreading awareness about FOP or simply praying for her as she travels into this journey of unknowns...

As her body progresses, her medical expenses rise. Her family presently does not have any medical coverage and as with any disease there are significant costs that are involved to care for Jordyn that the family cannot financially cover at this time.

Our first goal is to spread awareness about FOP so that others like Jordyn do not go misdiagnosed as Jordyn did for NINE YEARS!

Additionally "Jordyn's Walk" will become an annual fundraiser that will continue to support Jordyn so that her family can have the financial means to care for her in the capacity that she requires and deserves.  

Also a "Gifts of Love" project is in the planning stages...Jordyn and her family would like to give back not only to the community in which they live, but also to others in the FOP community either living with FOP or loving and caring for someone who has FOP...more details to come...

Thank you for hosting the Mom's Day 5K for Jordyn's Journey! It was a beautiful day for an awesome event! Crazy Socks and Colored Locks were out in full force! It was the LARGEST race in attendance that Sehmel Homestead Park has ever had to date!!!  We were able to raise over $1500.00+!
Gwen and Nicole - Thank you for all of your hard work that was put into this event to make it successful.  Miguel Galena of Route 16 - This day would not have been possible without you and your store! Jeff B of Custom Race Systems made all the difference by making the race run smoothly! We hope that all who participated had an amazing time! Thank you for your continued support!
...and to ALL of the JORDYN'S JOURNEY'S "support staff": I could not have "managed" this event without you!!! Thank you for your continued support and love! Love you ALL!!! xoxo  ..... Arica  
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